What to do if your basement floods as preventive measures?

what to do if your basement floods

Flooding in basements can happen at any time to anybody who has a basement, whether no matter experienced a flood before or not. Commonly, basements flood during heavy rains or rapid snowmelt in the spring. There are various reasons why basements flood. You need to know what to do if your basement floods, so here are some preventive measures you can take while your basement is flooding.

Flooding in the basement happens due to a leak in a pipeline, a flow over the walls, surface water sources, or a clogged gutter or storm drain backup.

  1. Turn off the electricity

If your basement is flooded, you need to act quickly to prevent huge losses and damage. The first thing you need to do is turn off your electric power supply in your basement. You can also turn off gas and other explosives to create a safe environment.

  1. Contact insurers

Call the insurance agency and let them know about the damage you faced due to the flood and share the pictures of the basement flood at your house to claim the insurance for your loss.

  1. Remove water

After informing the insurance company, start cleaning the surface by removing the water that has been collected in your basement. While starting the cleaning process, use the safety equipment to avoid injuries.

what to do if your basement floods

  1. Remove items from a flooded basement

After removing the water from the basement, remove all the items and place them in direct contact with sunlight to evaporate the water content. Don’t touch the electrical instruments even if the power supply is off for safety’s sake. Allow it to dry by using fans.

  1. Surfaces should be cleaned

After removing the stuff, wipe up the surface to hurry up the deodorization process. To remove the moisture, use mops, and vacuum cleaners. Because of leakage, your walls may also cause strains, so thoroughly clean them to achieve the desired look.

  1. Assist in the drying process

After mopping the basement, use a fan and dehumidifier that are available for rental from professionals. This makes the drying process effective and fast. If you don’t remove the moisture content, this may lead to mold in 48–72 hours. So, know what to do if your basement floods and prevent it by contacting an expert.

  1. Call a expert for major flooding

No, you should contact a professional for accidental water damage that you can clean yourself, such as an overflow from a bathroom faucet or accidentally pouring a bucket of water. If a flood occurs or you are unable to determine the cause of the flooding, contact an expert. They offer you preventive measures and cover your damage.